What do you think?

i honnestly wanna play it, i'd love to play your game!

not only the idea of making a fully digital art FNAF is badass, and also because.. well, i wanna support begginer game makers y'know? :D

i can't wait !!!! :D

This game looks amazing!

hey, looks nice! will there be a third game? this is just a question

Game Soundtrack

1 song


Plot :

Welc0me to Cam And Friends 2! We are happy that you have come back to here! Hope you have a fun night with them. And... They bug out at night.... So beware of them!


Characters :

  • New Camchu

  • New Flur

  • New Sakrua

  • Luna

  • Old Camchu

  • Old Flur

  • Old Sakrua

  • #.#

  • #or#pu#td C###hu


    Credits :

    Fnaf made by : Scott Cawthon

    Cam And Friends by : Cambam07_YT ( me )

    Programming by : Cambam07_YT ( me )

    Drawings by : Cambam07_YT ( me )

#fnaf #fangame #camandfreinds


Working On This Game Again!

Here's a little view of Night 1 Mini Game


BOOM! Made a vr4!

( All there is are,

*All cams ( For now )

And yeah... That's about it... No AI yet.

Next Demo will have some AI in it!

here you go people! Made a short demo of the game!

I Did a little office. Not done but good for now