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prety cool game

Amazing game! Probably one of the best PVZ Fangames I've played in a while.

I have some new ideas and they are sports zombies that you can add, it is your decision on which one you one to add:

football/all-star zombie: he works like in pvz or pvz2

polt vault zombie: like in pvz1

tennis zombie: is the first straight-shooting/throwing zombie in the game, he throws a tennis ball in the door and hits straight, it takes some seconds for the next hit.

basketball zombies: runs and jumps and throws a basketball on your plants and it hits three straight, the ball can be popped by something sharp.

soccer zombie: kicks a ball while walking and then does a fast kick and the ball hits a plant with the ball, and can also kick the ball the ball in the air and jump to hit it with force, also he jump out of the way and onto another lane.

baseball zombie: it walks up and stops at the back and throws a ball in the air and hits and hits any plant and if hits the ball over the lawn he runs fast and eats plant fast(because he got a home run).

hokey zombie: charges like football zombie and pushes plants to the other lanes but if there is plants in the way of the plant that get push aside it, it gets kick out.

hey maybe you should give the game a title like pvz the Three-Dimensional attack or at least pvz unreal ver?

hey, I played more of the ver. you removed (yes I still have it download it) and I still can not get the spike weed, and not even the repeater like I tried to click on it, also last stand is hard I can only get one peashooter on each lane, one wall-nut on each lane, and two potatoes mine on each lane.


This project has been put on hold for a little while now. I want to thank everyone who helped make this project possible, without you guys this wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. Taiga, if you see this, thank you for all the incredible music you contributed.

Welcome to my Plants vs Zombies UE4 Recreation, In this game I intend on recreating the gameplay feel of plants vs zombies while also including a bunch of fan made plants and ideas! The old plants vs zombies world map is back, as well as optional levels, locked behind gates that are opened via keys that are dropped in the levels!

#fangame #arcade #survival #pointnclick #strategy #plantsvszombies #pvz

Cartoon Violence
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The shop system is about 3/4ths complete!!

We now have a Trello roadmap!

V 1.1.0 should be uploaded today!