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In the distant land of Generica, an immense evil dungeon has appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. With the past two centuries having been in complete peace, and not a single monster appearing, the kingdom is in peril. The King, Gregorius II, decides to reward the adventurer or party that clears this dungeon with Immortality, something that can only be given using the Holy Grail - an immensely powerful magical item from a distant land. Thousands of people from across the world, be it adventurers, Heroes from legends, or your average farmer, all of them join forces to clear the dungeons floors and destroy the rumoured slumbering evil within. But something is not as it seems, and it appears a mysterious cult that calls itself the Lerx Cult is in the midst of all this.

6 years later in our world, a delusional man, Samuel Maxwell Routledge suddenly disappears, only to find himself in a different world : Generica. But instead of your usual “summoned to another world" story, Samuel finds himself on the fifth floor in the middle of this newly appeared dungeon. Being drowned in delusion and believing himself to be a Holy Knight, he sets his mind to his new goal : Obtaining the Holy Grail and destroying it, as he feels nobody but God should be immortal.

Samuel's Holy Quest is a story driven top down shooter with RPG elements. Fight your way through the dungeon alongside your companions, meet interesting characters, learn unique and fun spells, and uncover the dark truth about the conspiracy behind these ruins.

Release Date : The first chapter of Samuel's Holy Quest will have a few hours of gameplay and contain the entire first area of the game. The game is still pretty early in development, so this might take a while. I estimate the first chapter will be completed in half a year minimum. However, development updates are a monthly thing, so you'll be able to actively follow the development.

Samuel Maxwell Routledge's (the character) original creators discord server :

Official Project Server:


On team:

Chris Zflenki : Project leader, programmer, Story

Herald - Co-leader, Story

Tooker : Spriter

Jonathan - Spriter

Jelst - Concept Artist

Condorius - Composer, Spriter, SFX creator, Early testing

Oca - Spriter

Outside team credits :

Talldebohra - Spriting

Dis Game - Spriting

Snowie - Concept Art

Mr Munchy - Spriting

#indie #shooter #retro #pixel #dungeon #topdown #story #samuel #fantasy #cult #adventure #action #samuelsholyquest #roguelike #puzzle #other

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Never officially did this, but game is cancelled. Have no interest in going back to game development.

Hiatus Update + One Year Anniversary


Early April 2019 Progress Report : Graphical overhaul mayhem

Early March 2019 Progress Report : Major progress + A ton of info revealed