What do you think?

If I may be honest, this is more like a playtest than a game. I would definitely add settings, a proper splash screen, and maybe some menu options. also a tutorial would probably help too, as I had to figure out the controls mostly by trial and error.
Its a good start, it just needs some fleshing out to make it awesome!
Playthrough coming soon!

I reccomend you make an android veraion,that can get you more followers i guess

You are wrecked in space, hungry and without resources. Your mission here is to try to survive as long as you can by collecting resources, fighting monsters and exploring and building across the territory.

Luckily you landed on an unknown, resourceful and unfortunately enemy planet and now you have to fight for your survival.


  • 8x8 inventory with simple crafting way

  • Friendly MOBs and challenging enemies

  • Procedural random map generation with custom seed support

  • Lots of buildings and items to craft

  • A large world to explore


Still in development, but you can try our demo version available for download below. We update it at least once a week.


I will keep adding cool stuff to the game and fixing bugs. Your feedback is very important to make this happen!

Check it out


Nothing has been posted to this project page yet. Maybe check back later!