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dorkly gam but i put extra funky songs in very epic idead never done anymore ik ik

Dorkly mod by - lostinstruments

Sonic styled bf by C.F.A

Sonic sprite and music by SMB Funk Mix team ((Last 2 song))

Too slow dorked version by COOL FOX YT

Too fest dorked version by FunniMan

Stupid race by SantiOkuu and Chart by (ovo)

Washed up by coquers_

Mario and Tails icon by NaderX_2

Sonic owned by SEGA

#fangame #fnf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Comical Shenanigans

Guys what do you mean!!!! charting song is extra ez

wtf no way gamer up ((100% not fully broken with 200 bugs and missing content))


Gonna publish this unfinished build of the game probs tomorrow or sometimes today later. Depends on when i will have time to fix some bugs to atleast make it playable and etc.

Fun fact im a lazy ass so im gonna put this mod on hold for some time even though its 90% done :troll: ((also im still waiting for 1 chart for one of the songs anyways))


Oh almost forgot. Majin sonic actually had idle done and only then did the song got canceled. ((tbh tho i would probably change it later bc im not 100 happy with it but now it does not matter anymore :troll:))