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Very fun and creative, but the only downside is that I have no friends. So I wish you could add a cpu opponent to fight.

nice highly recomended to play with friends ( secret : if you slide on the ground on the first map at the eggnogg pool you will go up and down like a dolphin)

You should make a online version!

can you add more to the game

i LOVE this game!
all the different movement options make this a awesome fighting game!
and i cant wait for eggnogg rumble!
cant wait for the grab moves!
keep doing what you do best!

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EGGNOGG+, a competitive local-multiplayer arcade game of immortals sword-fighting to the death.

Stab each other, hurl and ricochet your swords off of the walls and ceilings, engage in pugilism, jump over spike pits to make it past your eternal foe and reach the far end of the strange complex. Hurl yourself triumphantly, and finally, into the EGGNOGG.

Includes procedurally generated bytebeat tunes that you can edit live, and also create additional songs. Supports configurable keyboard and joystick for both players.

Created originally for the 2013 March TOJam as a re-imagining and parody of NIDHOGG (while awaiting the release of NIDHOGG).

EGGNOGG+/EGGNOGG is awesome on custom arcade cabinets.

EGGNOGG was a finalist at the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards!

Youtubers/Let's Players: Feel free to record and do whatever you like with videos of EGGNOGG/EGGNOGG+

More at follow @madgarden on Twitter, or email [email protected]

Discuss EGGNOGG in the Madgarden forums!

NOTE: If you see a black/weird screen when EGGNOGG+ starts, then try pressing F1 or F11 to change the screen mode... this should fix it (until I properly fix it).

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed

Just a News Update


Madgarden forums

Just in case you didn’t know, there are forums at Madgarden where you can discuss EGGNOGG and stuff:

I imagine it’ll get busy once RUMBLE is out. :)


I’ve added a couple new maps to EGGNOGG+… THE BIG STINKY, and BUBBLE BATTLEFIELD (by Bubble McGee).

Now you can enjoy some new EGGNOGG while you drink your eggnog. See what I did there.

Have fun :)


1.0.1 patch release for Windows

Just uploaded a patch to the Windows build, hopefully this takes care of the fullscreen/black screen issues that a few people are having.