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Shayne Sheppard is a man wanted for the murder of the CEO of the leading security androids manufacturer, but there's one tiny issue. He didn't do it. Seeking a fresh start away from the police forces, he ends up on a small off the grid planet. But he's not alone. Hidden cameras have been planted on the trees, robotic animals meant to mimic the real ones have appeared, and his felonic perjurer is residing here too. Can he cut the connection and become DISCONNECTED?


#vr #storyintensive #scifi #shooter #puzzle

Fantasy Violence
Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed
Comical Shenanigans

Devlog 2

Everything is in order, I've got a PC, everything is almost working, (i cant get ue5 and my quest to work) and a MAJOR MAJOR revision of the story has been made. Development will truly start VERY VERY SOON! (so excited!)

Devlog 1:

The game page has been set up, but due to some issues with my PC not being powerful enough to even use PCVR. (it wont let me open its not related to lag) I'm still working on the story, and other things. Bye! More Devlogs are coming soon! SEEYA!