What do you think?

i played the game, and i really liked it: it was well made and fucking fun.
however, as a painter, i have a critique to make:
i feel like the color palette is wrong. the shadows' colors have warmer colors than the light's. in reality, in sunny days shadowed objects have a bluish color becouse they are being lit by the sky, which is blue, and not by the sun, which is yellow. However, i can guess it was a deliberate choice, and i respect it, even if it kinda messes with my brain.
But my point is: i see a wasted potential here: the character is blue. and against a cool background, it doesn't pop. It blends. If lights had warmer colors, you could make the character pop just by making it more blue than it would be possible in a warm-light scenario.
also, i thought about something that would make the game even prettier: make the character reflect blue light, so that when it comes near a tree, or near the ground, it paints it with a blue light.

This is withouy question the best game i've played on gamejolt.

Can someone pls help me. I can't play the game, it says oh-oh error launching the game :( really wanna play it :(


Congrats on placing first, cool idea! :)

Flourish is a short, relaxing experience where you explore a floating landscape. You can discover floating islands, transform them into lush gardens, or just fly through the air with the birds.

Flourish was my entry for the GameJolt GDC Jam, in which it received first place. The game has also been updated and extended since the end of the competition.



Flourish updated

First Place!