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I like how the art style is, i also love how the gameplay uses the art style as support

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wow really cool! good job

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Glint - Flickering Light is a tough, endless, fast-paced game. Even if you miss and end up extinguishing, jump back there and try again - a little wiser and stronger.


Try to get as far as possible, to show your fiery will by becoming the greatest unquenchable fire. The further you get, the more new foes and obstacles you will encounter.


This game is a metaphor. It requires passion and will, but slowly you will achieve everything you want, to get as far as possible and not give up. Be the spark that can become a fire.


Very challenging and rewarding gameplay! Hit the white plants surrounding you to maintain the flame alive.


So many items and abilities waiting to be unlocked. Collect coins to buy upgrades or to unlock new glints with different abilities. A missed target or a wrong choice can be fatal for your little flame.


Gorgeous and colorful, high-end graphics. A breathtakingly beautiful game. All the art, music, and programming was created by Cosmin Aspra , creator of PaintedGames.


Game data is stored on users' devices. Deleting or Reinstalling the app will also remove any in-game data and progress.

#2D #adventure #arcade #atmospheric #casual #cute #fastpaced #short #singleplayer #visualnovel

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