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Hey there, I played and made a video on your game, i absolutely love it! Purple is my favourite colour so i just had to play it, i love the artstyle! Keep up the great work you are doing!! =] <3

Will the game have a chapter 2 or sequel? It was too short for me :(

In My Appear "RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found" Why?

uh i downloaded it and it said RPG maker 2003 RTP not found

9/10 best rpg maker games.

it just reminded me of Undertale and Earthbound.

Download for Windows

When Lavender woke up this morning, she wasn’t expecting to be surrounded by a crowd of over-excited, skull-masked strangers with cake and balloons. After all, it wasn’t her birthday ; and this wasn’t her home.

She devises a plan to find her brother and escape from the outlandish townspeople of the Hollow - but is she prepared for the grave consequences?


Grimm’s Hollow is a video game inspired by a longing for a short and sweet RPG experience.

It has:

  • A lot of comfort food.

  • A lot of cute ghosts.

  • A lot of mean ghosts.

  • 3 haunted caves to explore!

  • Multiple endings.


Grimm's Hollow is currently in development, but you can also follow its progress here:





music by bruno buglisi (hibarist) and nat wesley (thenatbird)

art, writing and programming by ghosthunter

#rpg #adventure #retro #2D #pixel #spooky #jrpg #rpgmaker #rpgmaker2003 #turnbased #indiegame #combat #indie #retro

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

The OST is on bandcamp! Listen to the full album here:


The second build is now working on Gamejolt!

Full changelog:

Thanks to everyone who's informed me of the game's bugs - I'm working on a version that fixes some of these errors, but it will take time.

To those who have finished the game, here's an ending guide:…


I'm excited to announce that Grimm's Hollow is releasing this Halloween! 🎃

You can also follow the game on Steam:


Animated this little expression for when Lavender wins a battle against a ghost. She's tired.

#rm2k3 #rpg #rpgmaker