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I canโ€™t play it can post a screenshot of the game

this is very fun but i can be very hard somtimes

the ultimate Satari/MalGames game. the level variety keeps you on your toes, the usual balls-to-the-walls difficulty makes up for a really rewarding experience, the sprites look very nice on the eyes and the level design is marvelous - my favorite levels are the one where you're on two railways and need to dodge the bullets from the baddies, the one where a bullet bill chases you through a tightwalk island (the most optimal strategy is, suprisingly, to let it walk behind you, so that it doesn't ambush you!) and the final level with the fucking tank where you blast all those blue-ball spitting fucks to kingdom come - it's the most challenging one and the most gratifying one to beat, too! all in all, fantastic.

my only issue is that it doesn't have any music tho but you can always but your own in the background so yeah that's not a big issue hahaha



-easy mode included