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¡Muy Buen Juego!, Aunque no pude entender lo que dice en inglés porque soy muy malo para el inglés, pero al menos disfrute mucho de su buen juego, ojala hubiera una segunda parte de su juego pero que también tenga idioma español para así entender 😄


Is one good game so far, more could have a little more action and reality, more is very good, the graphics, gambling is very interesting.

I think this is a great game! It has ambiance- my only thing is how log it took me to get across the broken and narrow bridges. BUT I think that was user error!

Not sure what happened to me Lol but it was an interesting experience. That jumpscare really got me bruh

"Dim Lights" mode is recommened.

First person adventure/exploration game. Unveil the secret of the deserted island and bone-chilling frost.

Made for NextCastleParty/GeekParty Game Jam in one week.

Game by: Igor Rashkuev (feel free to get in touch on Twitter:

Music by: Kirill Khrushchev (


WASD - Movement

E - Action

1 - Food 2 - Pills 3 - Alcohol

There are three parameters: physical health, mental health and heat. Heat is decreasing while outside, when heat is zero, physical health is damaged. Mental health is damaged when you look down from height or search corpses.

There are three kinds of items:

  • Food restores physical health

  • Pills restore mental health, but damage physical health

  • Alcohol keeps you warm, but damages physical and mental health

Alcohol Use
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