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beacause i have fox in my username i will play this

Max the Furry

I like what you have here so far, if I can add some criticism, the camera needs work and if there's an option to set keybindings. so far, I really like the art style, I'm excited to see what this project becomes in the future!

Max? Unifox? 64-bit? I don't know high score!

I ike ur game :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Paper 3D platformer/adventure Max the Unifox SOLO DEV

Max lived a boring and wasteful life until he got into an amazing magical world in which he was able to get acquainted with God himself.

 I am the most ordinary guy who loved creativity since childhood. There have been many happy and sad moments in my life. I grew up in Yekaterinburg, this city is considered the capital of the Ural, centre of Russia. I come from a christian family, so since childhood I went to church on Sundays. But like all teenagers, growing up my views on the world were constantly changing and I wanted to try everything in this life. Then I encountered a lot of bad companies of people, I did a lot of stupid things. Then problems began in the family and the parents divorced. Then I really felt pain in my soul and I needed help. Just at that moment, God himself turned to me and helped me cope with all the difficulties. It was not right away, years have passed, but now my life is just wonderful. I am 22 years old and I don't regret at all that I have dedicated my life to God. I wanted to transfer this whole story and my experiences to the game in order to show that all difficulties can be overcome.

         God willing, I will finish it in a year or two. And I really need your support, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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#adventure #action #3dplatformer #platformer #paper #unifox

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence

good stuff for you (watch till the end)


This is what we have at the moment, right now I'm reworking every aspect of the character, adding new animations and developing the combo system, this will take quite a long time.


i switched to a new 2d animation plugin in unreal and i need to rewrite all character code, but it will improve it in every aspect, so be preapared for something cool in a near future
(Combat system)

Draw some punches


Add double jump, and switch homing button on Х(Xbox game pad), now it is looks like shrek 2 team action buttons