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Why am i addicted?

Played this game for almost 2 days straight, didn't realize how long i played till i forced myself to quit.

It's cookie clicker for satan.


geez this game is really addictive

You are evil incarnate, the vagrant death, the Dark Lord.

Embarrassingly defeated hundreds of years ago by a group of whiny and troubled pubescent heroes, you are once more summoned back to life to sow terror upon people’s hearts.

Gather under your command a vast and powerful army of murderous minions and generals and loot the Old Kingdom to its ruin.


  • Force your minions to loot by whipping them with a left click. Although, beware of pushing your minions to unconsciousness.

  • Employ minions by clicking on their hire button. A green hire button means the unit is affordable.

  • Click on the Bosses tab to hire generals and boost your pillaging.


  • Left Click

  • Keyboard "M": Opens the "Minions" tab.

  • Keyboard "B": Opens the "Bosses" tab.

  • Keyboard "A": Opens the "Artifacts" tab.

  • Keyboard "L": Opens the "Library" tab.

  • Keyboard "C": Opens the "Campaign" tab.

  • Keyboard "N": Opens the "New Game+" tab.

Third Party Assets

“GUI” by Ravenmore,
“Minions/Bosses” by DragonDePlatino
“Color Palette” by DawnBringer
“Coins” 141 Military Icons Set by under CC-BY 3.0 license –
“Coin Stacks” by Clint Bellanger,
“Game Icons” by Lorc,

Mild Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed

Overlod Update 1.13.0


Overlod Update 1.12.0

Go play now! [ ../../../../../../games/other/overlod/34146/ ]

*Overlod Update 1.12.0*

Added toggle to hire the max amount of minions your capital allows.

Overlod Update 1.11.0

Go play now! [ ../../../../../../games/other/overlod/34146/ ]

*Overlod Update 1.11.0*

Added toggle to disable screen flashing on the campaign to avoid triggering photosensitive seizures.

Overlod for Windows PC

Overlod Update 1.10.0

Go play now! [ ../../../../../../games/other/overlod/34146/ ]

Added a toggle to rehire minions after attacking.