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Can you please add a download, so we don't have to get on the internet to play the damn thing

our internet is usually down and sadly i'm only using a low-end type laptop, but this game interests me and would really want to download this or play this offline, any ideas? great game btw.

This game is truly amazing but it could do with a download of some sort to make it a little smother

simply amazing!

Here is my Lets Play of this game

A small boy is born from the wind, appearing in front of a house. He doesn't know his purpose, but knows that this house is important. This house holds his answers--and the beginnings of an arduous journey that will introduce him to creatures and objects he has never seen, as well as bring him to question right and wrong.


Arrow Keys - move

X - primary

C - secondary

V or I - inventory

Esc - menu

R - restart

M - mute

W - soundtrack


Mild Fantasy Violence
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