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Игра очень хорошо сделана! Я не ожидал, что это будет переиздание 8-битного Соника. Жду полную версию

Где игра создана?

I think this will be a nice game!

Not Bad Game! Неплохая Игра! -Blue Hedgehog (Синий Ёж)

looks nice but i found a so tiny error (the engine it's not oficial of danuha2526 is created by the SFGHQ Community)

The biggest Sonic adventure is back! Are you ready for it?
Run on Green Hill, Bridge, Jungle zone as that old days when we had a Game Gear with Master System!
Engine and game developing by Danuha2526
Main idea and co-developing by YuuzuDev
License by JaizKoys




Sonic Bit Devlog!

Are you waiting for Sonic Bit? Well, here is the screenshots of Green Hill! Enjoy! And yes, i will release the demo where you can play on Green Hill zone and Bridge Zone Act 1! #itsggtime

Sonic Bit Devlog!

Thanks Danuha for Sonic engine! I’m very happy! I can finally made the game!

Sonic Bit Devlog!

Thanks JaizKoys team for testing my game! When they fully test my game, i will release first PTB TAS!
And thanks Ultra Instinct Kostas for recording a video in future for my game!