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Hi, this game is 90% perfect. It can be better if you use the original lego fonts.

Good game,but i cant play it correctly cuz of the motion blur. + resolution is broken plz add a option to remove motion blur @AGGStudios

Lego: Wave Survival

This little demo came out of a challenge. A friend asked me if I could recreate the studs from the Lego games. I managed that so quickly, I decided I'd try and make a little game out of it. This is merely a fan game, all sounds do not belong to me.

So far this game features a recreated HUD, as well as completely recreated Lego Stud collectables. And a simple zombie survival wave system. The game doesn't use lives, however if you die once, you come back with one heart, refil your hearts to allow death once again! But if you don't manage to fully heal, and die, its game over!

This game may be updated with some more gameplay at a later date, though I can't promise anything.

I hope you enjoy what little gameplay there is! This was really just a test to see if I could recreate the studs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or run into any problems.

The0nlyAwesome1 - Lego Minifig

Cowtastic - Audio Ripping / Source idea.

#shooter #fangame #action #survival #lego

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Version 1.2.0 Notes:

Version 1.1.0 Patch notes: