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In my first 25 squats, I was completely bored. There was nothing to this game but squatting.
Then, after I broke 30, I noticed something. My calves were starting to bulk up- in real life. To my amazement, as I continued, they only grew bigger and bigger.
After 50 squats, my legs were so uncontrollably powerful that I had to squat with my in-game character to release the pent-up energy.
Passing 100 squats, I felt my body become super-charged. I was now experiencing time at 10x the normal rate and squatting at 30x the normal rate.
At 150 squats, reality had merged entirely with Super Squat Simulator.
At 200 squats, my body ascended to a higher plane where all of existence is devoted to doing squats.
At 250 squats, my calves erupted in a glorious nuclear detonation from the overwhelming energy of my squats. Over the next millennium, my soul roamed the spirit world until I finally came upon the face of God. Full of wonder, I asked him, "What is the meaning of life?" and I realized that he, too, was doing squats. Looking into his approving eyes, our beings merged into one beautiful entity, and I felt the weight of the entire universe on my shoulders, and it was with this weight that I squatted the ultimate squat for all eternity.

I give it 4 out of 5.

I'm gonna make my home country proud.


i cant close it help

what the heck is up with the high score board

An exhilarating fitness simulator where you control our eager gym nut as he tries to break the record for the number of squats he can withstand.

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Get Your Dumbbells Ready!

Squat for your life!

Do you like squatting? That is, with weights at gyms and other fitness places. Well then, how many times can you squat with *Super Squat Simulator*? Come try! It’s just as exhilarating as the real thing!