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I played this game initially by accident and was immediately hooked. A great game with a friendly playing community

That's really a good game ..I'm a Sri Lankan ..and there are four Sri Lankans now in the Leaderboard of Tank Off2..

This game Gave me a New Life.. Earlier I think that there was no any funny game to play In Pc.. Two months ago my Mom Died and Thanks for Shady Because you gave me a new Life Lol

Nice Shade, good place to upload ur games, keep the good work up :)


Game's got potential, awesome gameplay, graphics, low bugs, low net lags. And an awesome community :)

Multiplayer Tank-Centric Capture-The-Flag Battle Arena

Alternate WWII Universe with Alien-Tech Rocket-Powered Tanks !

Tanks Can:

  • Jump!  [SPACE key]

  • Turbo!  [SHIFT]

  • Float and Jet through water!

  • Rocket-Propel through the air!


  • Multiplayer!  10-Player Rooms

  • Unlock 3 Tanks .. (2 more are currently in development)

  • Choose from 3 Maps:  Forest, Desert, or Military Base  (more maps on the way!)

  • Upgrade Attributes like:  Speed, Turbo Recharge, Reload Speed, Cannon Damage, etc

  • Hang out, Chat and make new friends!

The game is currently 2 years into development, and we are now entering a pre-BETA phase!  During this phase the game is offered for free!  We just request that you please participate in the community discussions on

#multiplayer #action #shooter #sports #arcade

Mild Fantasy Violence
Nothing has been posted to this project page yet. Check back later!