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the game isn't really all that buggy but there are some other problems that should be adressed, i think - firstly, the main character looks kind of goofy, no offense, but his anime-esque looking outfit, mask, and hairdo look out of place and take away from the game's scare factor. next, removing the system sounds completely and making the ui look a lot more rough and simplistic will be great, the absence of the system sounds, for example, might catch the players off guard, jajaja!) next, it would be cool if you could interact with the objects you come across - just a little examination or the ability to take some with you (like the doll, for example - she'll give me a morale boost going forward, jajaja!) would be nice) and, finally, while the labyrinthian structure of the place is pretty spooky, it gets old really fast. i'd suggest you make the game's maps a lot more like the Places from your Dreams map from Garry's Mod, if you know what i mean - that will allow you to keep the backrooms while also adding other spooky liminal space locations!) good luck with developing!

если честно задумка хорошая но блин карта большая могли бы сделать такие же стрелочки как в начале .

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Welcome... to Backrooms Exploration. You play as a monotone person who has noclipped into the Backrooms, with no memory of your previous life. Your goal? Escape.

Explore many levels of the Backrooms, fight many entities, join colonies and much much more in this one of a kind Backrooms game.

Mild Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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Apologies for how buggy this game is! If you own RMMV and would be interested in helping, just reply to this comment! I will get in touch.