3 years ago

A house I've built a while ago. :)

It nicely separates the snowy biome from the grassy one.

It's built with painted Ebonstone.



Next up

I figured I'd post this thing I made for the Journey's End Vanity contest a while back.

Spooky Armor set

Japanese floting islands

This is my last Terraria meme for the day see you tomorrow I got other followers bye! ^_^

art comission.

Path of Kami: The Evolution of the Lore

Heya there! I really wanted to show you all a little gameplay preview of the first boss fight i'm currently working on i hope you like it ^^

Enemies can also suddenly spawn through Realm Rifts. These Rift Spawns are going to be stronger than the ones wandering around. TBD on the enemies... #screenshotsaturday #godstear #madewithunity

Have a good Boi

Runestones: from concept to in-game model­čŚ┐