2 years ago

A house I've built a while ago. :)

It nicely separates the snowy biome from the grassy one.

It's built with painted Ebonstone.



Next up

I figured I'd post this thing I made for the Journey's End Vanity contest a while back.

Caketastic Cakes is making an Eye of Cthulhu Cake today at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET!

Follow @CaketasticCakes to be notified when the stream starts!

When it does, watch it here with your own đź‘€s: https://gamejolt.com/fireside/@CaketasticCakes

The tear down…

Here are the Terraria Cakes I made on Friday's Fireside! #CaketasticCakes

Enemies can also suddenly spawn through Realm Rifts. These Rift Spawns are going to be stronger than the ones wandering around. TBD on the enemies... #screenshotsaturday #godstear #madewithunity

Protege el conocimiento, salva la historia. Guardian of Lore es un platformer 2D en el que debes luchar para mantener viva la memoria de la mitología latinoamericana. El juego llegará a Steam el 18 de mayo: https://steam.pm/app/1211740 #ScreenshotSaturday

Strange Umbrella

Update 2.627

New challenges & new effects!

Today I tackled drawing different variations of facial expressions for one of the main characters in Eden. What do you think of it? :) Eden: https://gamejolt.com/games/Eden/592698

Regional Bulbasaur. #Pokemon