2 months ago

Ah! Furry !

He also has feet paws, a tail and arm sleeves! ~



Next up

Here's an animation for @DarckyTheFrench that I didn't properly finish

(It's like a week old now lmao)

Berry cow frames are out now in my shop !

I plan on making more animal frames in the future so let me know what kinds you guys would like !~


I may have gotten artblock for the past few days loll x3

We love Astaroth, don't we?

Idk I felt like Sketching something Edgy

I was drawing in class and someone slid me a furry sticker.

Furry spotted irl

Oh my gosh I'm soo proud of this !! Animation for @Dynocation !!

reeeee, another commission :333 for 28 USD <3

It looks okay

Gonna try to make a few more with faster movements x3