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New oc, one revenge and one attack.

Kind of eyestrain for the last one.

naw bro I'm going all in
Wrath art

I made some art of disco alt version ,here the alt art and original version (character created by someone else of discorw owned by me)

An attack.

Art for one of my firsts subsribers

Welcome to the furry safe community community on Game Jolt!

If you're not an artist - there is no problem, the community is for everyone as long as you're polite

The whole community mainly focuses on Furries , but that does not mean, you cannot post non furry creations! :}

Rules :

  • Don't steal art

    This also means not to repost someone else's art without crediting them, aswell as other creations such as 3d art, animation, fursuits etc.

  • No AI "art"

    If we find out that any artwork posted in here is artificially generated, you will be imidietly banned.

  • Be kind

    If anyone in this community is rude to you, notify General Skaza, please respect everyone

  • No Politics, Religion etc.
    we do not want conflict or missinformation

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