6 months ago

Can't finish the whole thing I wanted today, so I'm just gonna post 1 part of it and finish tomorrow



Next up

Character design commission I did for Deuz Fazbear

WIP of one of my OCs model still needs some things and fixing (UV)

FNAF Again showcase (scrapped fangame from 2021)

One of my OCs Jorel Let me explain~

Liam The Lizard Remastered is now done!

Like the Wyatt model, this is from one of @fredinator1 's projects I decided to remodel, making him look more like an alligator in appearance and less toy like.

I did a card for my OC

Freddy and Bonnie modeled by me (my first finished 3d models) exclusively for Freddit Jam game- Fazbear Simulator https://gamejolt.com/games/fazbearsim/723526

for the game sake ingame models are optimized so here you can experience them with all of their vertices!

The last of my FNaF Security Breach cookies. Monty 🐊 Made using edible colours 🤩🤩

What other characters would you like to see?


Finished the full thing! Better quality: https://www.deviantart.com/igrisa/art/Five-Nights-At-Freddy-s-8t…

how much is it cursed that "freddy's" is on the Foxy? hmm