LIMELIGHT: A Megalo-Tribute to Bot

7 months ago


Happy holidays! I hope you guys got what you wanted for Christmas, 'cuz I know I have. I'm in possession of the Bot plush right now as I'm typing this!

First, I'd like to apologize for the sudden 3 month silence in the devlogs. To compensate for that, our team has been hard at work giving you the best that LIMELIGHT has to offer!

Let's have a look into the things we've done!

Part 1: The battle.

Over the course of 3 months, the game has received countless glow-ups, some of which were covered in earlier smaller posts. But, we've been saving the best changes for last.


We've been paying attention to the smaller details that make most of the charm for this game, such as Bot's speakers being the stuff that plays the battle song. This idea's been in consideration for a month prior to adding it, so we all agree that this is a really good detail.

As for the attacks, let's just say that we've redesigned our main attack ideas after how my... previous game went.


Seeing as this is supposed to be a Sans fight, we've reimagined quite a few attacks, and introduced new ones!


Attacks, and mechanics! We've made the Karmic Retribution attribute more interesting for our dear players!!! How it's interesting won't be described until the game releases, but feel free to make your predictions in the comments.

Part 2: Miscellanious stuff.

With the battle getting progress, it's no surprise that other stuff gets made for the game aswell! Things such as... the menu!


(The art in the menu is obviously placeholder. Actual menu designs by @fuckoffman .)

With certain details being inspired by Ari's Underswap Thanatos menu, the game gets a little nice-looking with a complete set of features, with better thought planning than my older games.

In other news, did I talk about the overworld before? If so, then I should tell you that it's been improved! The base of the main pre-battle cutscene is done, and since we're all in a holly jolly mood, I'll let you see a peek.


...Oh. That reminds me. I forgot to show Asthma Mode!!! Oopsie!!! Sorry about that!


The Overclocked Facade actually has decent amounts of progress done already! I'd love to show the intro, however I can't embed videos within the devlog... How sad.

Anyways, that's about it for the devlog! Thanks for reading and be ready for a release within early 2024!!!


@jafimew - Battle Sprite Artist

@fuckoffman - Science Blaster Sprites, UI, Menu Interface

@OriginalNameGamingOfficial - Attacks, Dialogue, and Music

See you in 2024!



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