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10/10 demo


Am I being lied to, the game does not look like that silly image :thinking:

hey there! just wanted to ask 2 questions about this mod:

  1. do i need an actual copy of undertale downloaded on my pc in order to run limelight?

  2. whenever i download the file, it claims it's a virus, is this a false positive?

ro, do you need a translator into Russian?

Game Soundtrack

3 songs

LIMELIGHT: A Megalo-Tribute to Bot.

In this game, Bot takes the role of Sans from hit indie game "Undertale" for one epic battle. You must fight as you prepare to experience their perspective on your actions, and go through the ride of your life!


Q.1: Why was this game created?
A.1: After how well LIMELIGHT as a song played out, I wanted to expand on it and turn it into a full battle to immerse fans in the experience.

Q.2: Why are the melodies in LIMELIGHT original and not related to INANIMATE INSANITY?
A.2: Since Bot became their own person, I thought it'd be fitting to make their own melodies.

Q.3: What's with the modes?
A.3: For replayability, of course!

Q.4: Why isn't Blueberry taking the role of Sans? Make Blueberry into Sans immediatel-
A.4: Die immediately. /neg

Tags: #undertale, #fangame, #strategy, #survival

Strong Language
Comical Shenanigans

havent provided an update in 4 months so have the long-awaited menu design (background and circuitry design by @fuckoffman )


games going great i promise


Sorry for being 3 hours late, I thought GameJolt would automatically publish the package when it was scheduled to release...

But that aside, enjoy the demo!

12:00 PM, EST.