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Next up

i HAVE to change my twitter name asap

i deserve to be here because i created dusttrust

wip!!! proof i have been working lately lol thinking about adding my storyshift chara to showcase the design and stuff coz u guys seem to loooooooove that design thnx 4 all the support u guysve been giving btw

Under the Desert Sky~

I wanted to remaster, an older piece of mine. How did I do? Tap/swipe to see the piece I created a whole year ago in January of 2023!

hoodie study

"I get it now."

(Swipe to the right to see the original pixel art!)

: Aseprite (Sequel to the last redraw at my profile/AnubiClub!)

neutral ending undyne

lets start this new day in a positive way

fixed my computer so im able to draw again btw

❤ DF CONNECTED v2.7.9 is available now!

This patch serves as the definitive version of 2.7, featuring an updated skill system, a redesigned bestiary, a new battle log for PvP, improved pacing, QoL changes, and more!

(Read inside for the full changelog!)