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Extras Menu Preview!



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#spawnday Seems like this profile has reached 5 years from it´s creation. Thank You For All The Support Through The Years! Credits For The Goku Sprites: Que-

Heya ! I Have Been Working On TD But I Made a Change On Tails , I Changed Labyrinth Zone For Sandopolis Because Stone Of Darkness Used Labyrinth Zone Too...So...I Will use Sandopolis (it doesnt change Virtual Reality)

New Video of TD ! The Give Up Screen Of Tails And Knux Duo End !

Knux Solo Will Be In Lava Reef Zone!

Credits To All These People! Special Thanks To - Wayx - Sunfire - M80Marc - Lazy Blue - BonesGaia - Devy - Creamy - Pico - Luigikidgaming - Red TH - Sonic Central - Sonic Destiny -Dralex Bros - MrTogepiLord & Others For Playing This Creepypasta!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Credits: Sonic - Giovannifs Goku - QSAB191 Christmas Hat - Novally Basically Everything Else - DanielMania123

LET´S GOOOOO! The 6 years mark has been reached! Thank You for the support all over the years! #spawnday Credits For The Goku Sprites: Que-

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here´s Some Stuff Regarding The Future. (The Games Showed In The Third Images Are Just Concepts And Not Something I´m Currently Working On).

Sorry for being inactive for a long time. Here´s some info about the new update on Sonic Cd Alternative Ending! (Yeah i had to do an image thanks to the gamejolt text limit)

(Credits to Que~ for the Goku Sprites on the profile picture)

Sorry For Being inactive for so long. Here´s the answer to lot of the questions about when´s the game going to release or better. What happened to it and why i didn´t released any teaser or trailer. Have a Great Day!

(Credits to Que~ Goku Sprites in pfp)