2 months ago

FANGAME DIRECT 2 - Promotional Trailer

A small trailer showcasing of what's to come! Premiering this fall of 2023, stay tuned!



Next up

Voting has now opened for the 2022 Fangame Direct Awards! Voting ends January 13 at 5 PM EST!

VOTE HERE: https://forms.gle/zyWmAkgXJKJi12kU7

1 year of Fangame Direct! (roughly) #spawnday

JOLLY 4, a fangame that was supposed to be part of our November showcase, is getting close to 20K followers, at which point they will reveal the information that was supposed to be part of our event. Go ahead and follow it!


The Freezer

Join us this Sunday, January 8 at 2PM EST, for the Fangame Direct 2022 Award Nominees.


No matter where you go, fate follows...

Fangame Direct 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

FANGAME DIRECT 2 - You've been Invited!

[Devlog 3] - 1 Year Since Announcement, Teaser Trailer, Character Reveal, Page Updates, Estimated Release Date, Fanarts

Fangame Direct Awards 2022 - Announcement