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Popgoes the Weasel jumpscare reveal!

Background is here only as a reference really - it will be given post-processing effects in the actual game, like horizontal shaking, distortion, etc.

Animated by E.Breddy!

Someone shared Sian's shirt design on Tiktok and the video now has over a million views and 250,000+ likes! Insane. Literally every comment I can see is positive.

Really hope this makes a difference and FNAF continues to get more "mature" merchandise!

Sorry I haven't really been posting much in terms of cog, most of my focus has been on Chica's right now since we're really close to being done! In the meantime though, here's some scrapped game over screens.

#fnaf #fangame #tcfs #runninginthe80s

Springbonnie model (by me), renderrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I referenced off Rachel to give eerie vibes and ofc the OG springbonnie way)