Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story RPG

2 years ago

Gobba Town and the Buddhism Shrine are basically done.

Next is Ayose Town and the Islamic Shrine.



Next up

Here is a trailer for OOP:TOFS The game is in pre-release and you can download the long demo (Most story done - More Combat To Update)

Doena Town and the Zoroastrianism Shrine done. Next will be Tehpare Town and the Canaanism Shrine.

(9/13 Shrines Done)

It seems possible to release a test version of OOP:TOFS for bug report collection within months, because of this, today I started searching for help to convert the PC Files to Smart Phone compatible files.

A Happy Valentines Day Update Weyto Town and The Jainism Shrine are basically done.

Screenshots attached. Next is Albo Town and The Shinto Shrine.

(7/13 Shrines Done)

Was browsing Yanflys free plugins for RPG Maker MV (still planning to buy his paid ones next month), and he has a name box plugin. Now the actors will display the names you choose at the beginning, during dialogue, screenshots attached.

Another Yanfly plugin improves the game, "Save Core".

Now the save/load window looks visually more pleasant and as a bonus, it displays game title, map location of save, current money, amount of times saved, and playtime.

Screenshot attached.

Well, after a week of no luck, no luck just turned into luck.

OOP:TOFS can now have a exp popup during battle.

The plugin problem has been fixed thanks to a nice guy on the forums.

Look at attached screenshot to see it in use.

(Game Still May Be Late Due to Health but I Want to Finish It) Condensed 3 religions (Caananism, Judaism, Christianity) into Bible Shrine, it is finished. One more story area to finish then balance combat and decorate maps. Maybe finished this year.

Guys, our new in development RPG needs more following, I cant do it myself >__<

Help :3

Deciding to continue updating OOP:TOFS starting soon. I expect even though my schizophrenia makes it difficult, I will finish this Free RPG Game. Follow OOP:TOFS for updates and release.