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this looks and sounds awesome!) i love the premise of the party going to various religious shrines and i can't wait to see some popular and more obscure religions (like the vietnamese Caodai, for example) represented in the game) the title screen looks very professionally done, and the description is also well-written - this will surely attract more people to this promising project) WLTOP, i wish you guys lots of inspiration and nerves of steel while developing the game - good luck and take care!

Dear Family and also My Friends,
With my schizophrenia being difficult, and myself finding easier recently to do directly WLTOP efforts, I am slow to finish OOP:TOFS

The game is nearly done except most combat, who wants me to post a demo, anyone?

Game Soundtrack

5 songs

The Story

Four youths, two brothers, and two sisters, go on an adventure to learn more about the Creator and First Creation.

They must survive violent monsters, strategically planning combat, and having the wisdom of passion to walk the paths towards the truth.

They wish to save the dying world, and as so, life.

They will visit many different shrines to the world's most popular religions, trying to take any valuable help from each that they can, in an effort to become smart enough to be true heroes, and find a fix for the destruction that is slowly eroding at peace and prosperity.

It is not completely in their minds to believe everything, instead they believe what their instincts allow, each trusting what they feel is perfect.

The one belief that all four of the youths have the same, is that Everything began from Nothing, and then a life began, their Creator, whom they are desperately seeking to request help fixing death, violence, and hate.

In this story, survival is not everything, family is.

About The Game

Travel Earth visiting the shrines of the different most popular religions, learning and taking from them valuable wisdom, believe what you choose, ignore what you don't.

You will need this wisdom in your efforts to find the Creator, and request that they bring peace to the Earth.

Game Traits

Gain exp during battle for the actions you choose, with this system, you can level up your characters DURING a battle.

Visit towns Class building to choose your characters classes.

4 different siblings, choose which one to be your leader. be male or female with the formation command.

Name each of the 4 siblings for yourself.

Classic pixel graphics of the Super Nintendo era brought to high quality.

Active skills, Buff skills, and Passive skills.

Be a Time Sage, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Archer, Paladin, or Druid

Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Consumables, much to enjoy.

High Quality Music. High Quality Art.

(More will be added)

Expected release date, 2023-2024

#adventure #action #rpg #retro

Intense Cartoon Violence
Intense Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference
Tobacco Reference

Bellova Town is the last town not including any new game+ areas, I finished placing the art and connecting warp points, the final shrine has art done, but not the content.

Need to do some story consideration.

After that, its monsters, items, classes.

Deciding to continue updating OOP:TOFS starting soon.
I expect even though my schizophrenia makes it difficult, I will finish this Free RPG Game. Follow OOP:TOFS for updates and release.



Due to my health being poor currently, my schizophrenia and current happenings it has been many months since I have been able to update OOP:TOFS.

I plan to finish it in the future when my health more so allows it.

(Game Still May Be Late Due to Health but I Want to Finish It)

Condensed 3 religions (Caananism, Judaism, Christianity) into Bible Shrine, it is finished.

One more story area to finish then balance combat and decorate maps.

Maybe finished this year.

Albo Town and the Shinto Shrine are basically done.
Screenshots attached.

8/13 Shrines Done