2 months ago

Goodbye to a World Cover (Strings and Piano)

I'm really proud of the cover and just wanted to share it. The original song is by Porter Robinson too! Also it is on YouTube as well! ^^

(Oh yeah, Porter Robinson is my favorite musical artist)

I might make more covers of his songs cause, we'll, I can and it seems fun to do. Covers or remixes really lmao. Also fun fact, this is the first song I heard from him, thanks to siIvagunner (no joke either), it's more thanks to them that I found out about him!! ^^



Next up

Very evil creature

Pictures of Sillies! Also my legs (I am wearing shorts)

Since new Splatfest coming up, I'm curious what you chose, I chose Aliens. It was a bit difficult to choose btw but yeah. Good luck in the future as well, I'll try my best.

Here it is fellas

She climbed the window (there's wood frames) she got down, don't worry

I got him yesterday, I love him

"Oh my god! It's Knuckles sticker!"

Epic cross-over