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3 months ago

Happy holidays everyone! As a gift have a first listen to Candy's song! Burgers and Frights!

Credits in description on YT: https://youtu.be/NJxauJNdGt0

Burgers and Frights Teaser | Friday Night Fanverse
Happy Holidays to all! As a Christmas treat here’s your first listen to the song for Candy in Friday Night Fanverse!Friday Night Fanverse Links: https://twit...

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Next up

SIKE!!! We're not just revealing Burgers and Frights for Christmas.

Meet Aimon! Our take on a Fanverse version of Ourple Guy!

Sprites and whole teaser here by @JaydenOver9000

Hey there, here's our first full song release, Pals! An extra song for the Flumpty's series!

Visualizer art and song by @Fuzxy

Visualizer video by @JaydenOver9000

Chromatics by MORNING018_ on Twitter

Another SiIvaGunner POPGOES rip !!!!!


To Be Beautiful

Springtrap knows about his fanart

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/cGGOQGCqnO0

Happy anniversary to One Night at Flumpty's! For the occasion here are Flumpty's new sprites! Flumpty Sprites drawn by @Fuzxy

Showcase and sprites animated by @JaydenOver9000

Flumpty Icons drawn by NixKirbo on Twitter

Sorry I havent been active on progress with this game much! However its good news... Ive been working on New Managment! heres jack, a character I made for the game. New Managment is sure to give me a passive budget to spend on my own games... hype!

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