Go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah!

Breaking your hands.exe... I wonder why I do this to myself LOL

After a few days of sketching, i have done all the requests from this post: https://gamejolt.com/p/im-bored-rn-so-name-fnf-characters-and-il…

Will i do this again? Maybe, but not for a little bit, idk when the next time will be

They're just sketches, but I hope you enjoy them non the less. :)

love and hate this one lol... But THEMMM :] <3

Now i feel like a looser and people will hate cuz of this, but hope you enjoy the art anyways

Finally, updated my own sprite. (again...)

VS KrisMa, Sad guy, Loner or whatever you want to call him.

This sprite was inspired by Hotline 024.

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