3 months ago

here is a super quick sketch as i am still sick, thankfully i feel a little bit better!

now i have to catch up on homework and exams. i don't feel like adding a bunch of realms/communities as this isn't like a planned out sketch, yk? lol



Next up

another sketch of leon! i got a new pencil the other day, so i wanted to test it out.

i posted a little tiktok (blurryspirits) about this one too :)

here is the case of my handheld! i still need to go back and touch up the paint more but it's so cute so far.

i plan on painting my ds case soon, which i want to include multiple pokemon on that one



question: let's say that pokemon are real, and you have the chance to have a team of your own. what pokemon are you choosing to be on your team?

Draw (sonic)

quick sketch of mario to celebrate #MarioDay 🌟

It's crazy to think that Deltarune is almost 5 years old and this is the first time I've drawn Jevil in all that time

what should i name him? i'm playing pokemon radical red rn lol



question: which starter pokemon would you pick and why; charmander, squirtle, or bulbasaur?

Purple colors

leon, my beloved. i have been playing the remake a lot lately and omg


(i will get back to the pokemon related sketches soon. i can't stop thinking about leon, so i had to draw him lol. i will probably draw him more 😭♥ )