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My submission for #ArtWeeklies

Themes chosen(all of them ):

Scene: Night View

Fanart: Games based around Space

Random: Explorer

Random batch of sketches~

It's @zoesfancycakes !

: Clip Studio Paint


I really enjoyed this update!

Drew a Flipper Flopper from the Salmonid Handbook to study the art style!

1st is my take, 2nd is the original


Are you a Digital Artist?

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Are you a cartoonist? Or are you a musican? Or an animator? or maybe a web designer?

Here you can be all you want and share it with all the world ;)

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  • (This is written by FER) Put your signature, logo or watermark on the drawings!!! How on earth can you create drawings to be proud of and not put your name or signature on them? Aaaaahhhhh!!! 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

    I love you all, friends.

    I admire you all, artists.

    I'm your biggest fan.

    I'll miss you all.


    (This is written by Jusebe)

    you will be mised here everyone's favorite purple dorito! :,)

  • Please don't steal any artworks, I beg you. And if you post something that you claim as yours but there's a watermark that shows it's not yours, that's a big cap (cap in nowadays slang means "lie" (noun) or "lying" (verb)). So don't cap or I'll slap your post in the "face"/channel category. (Sincerely, RizlieYeszza. Your problem.)

    Guys I don't think I'm alive as a moderator help, sincerelily, rizlie

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