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A little Emma sticker for @LUKELCS 's sticker contest!


March 25th. 5 days. See you on your Nightshift

What lurks in the woods will soon be revealed 🌲#NightshiftFangames #FNAF

vv Full game list below vv

Just a tiny lil partial animation I did; it's nothing big but I thought the slime's lil flip looked good

Excuse my absence lately.

I've been reorganizing a bit, finishing things up and I have to catch up with the almighty school.

I'll be back soon with progress! Have a Glorious night!!!

A Comeec


Are you a Digital Artist?

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Are you a cartoonist? Or are you a musican? Or an animator? or maybe a web designer?

Here you can be all you want and share it with all the world ;)

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