Five Nights at Freddy's REPROJECTED

2 years ago

Here we go again!

Wanna watch me make the game LIVE. Come join me on YouTube now!

FNAF REPROJECTED Development stream #4
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Next up

Improved the office with some new monitor models made by me!

Read below for some game update news!

Level 0 discovered images.

New work in progress menu for the new update!


REPROJECTED V1.0.7 Teasers!

Read below for a little more information on the game in it's current state.

| Lolbox

He's just Lolbit living in a box. She loves her box.

V1.0.7 IS HERE!

Check down below for more on the update!

1.0.6 OUT SOON! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

The game page for Claustrophobic Nights has reached 1,500 followers! As a celebration, I will be posting some screenshots on over the next few days!

Also, if this post gets 50 charged stickers, I will upload a secret track for the game's OST.

Hey everyone, 1.0.0 is here!