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I just got a absolutely awful idea...

I should try to beat POPGOES Arcade 2020, but without upgrading my attack whatsoever. My attack with stay the same from start to finish...

Should I try and do it, and also make it a YouTube video?

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Next up


(More details in the article)

Here's a drawing of Baldi eating a Energy Flavored Zesty Bar!

This drawing was requested by @B_O_N_ !

This was very fun to draw, and also my first time drawing Baldi!

(the first photo is the low quality version, and the second is not)



A guide on how to place Charged Stickers and get POPGOES stickers on Game Jolt!

Drawing Room 2 has been updated!

(Update notes are in the article)

Marilyn & Co. | Official Soundtrack - Stormy Night at the Diner

M&C Fun Fact 32:

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans! I present you with these two photos today because they're funny!

Currently spending Fourth of July at my Nana and Papa’s, it’s pretty loud but pretty cool! (Also caught a photo of me and a firework mid flash) #happy4thofjuly

I was going to do the "Fanart Rampage" in September, but since you guys seem to like it when I post art, I'm doing it now! But because of M&C: PiZzA sHoOtEr, it might take a while. But I will say this.

The first drawing involves a certain bald teacher! 👀