4 months ago

I miss the old Game Jolt.
(Though I wasn't even born when this page was around.)

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Next up

Still playing around with html and css.


(Don't look at the second image unless you want to burn your eyes.)

Answer to @Xalo2Turtle

(epic watermark because I don't have a video editor in this pc)

(also volume warning)

in a hotel room

on my laptop

looked up to find the most suspicious looking lamp ever

I was trying to make a bloom shader but turned the whole thing into a horror game I guess.

When you wake up at 3am and you remember that embarrassing thing you did in school when you were 13

Throwback to my 2020 fnaf fan game phase.

A new game I made for My First Game Jam: Winter 2023, where you kill your regrets and mistakes in your afterlife.

Wanna check it out? https://gamejolt.com/games/mistakes/786436

"I had a stroke reading that"

I know its been a while, but here is a small video a did based on something someone by the name "matt rose" did

WOOOO let's gooo my first monee from game development!!! I know it's not much but this is a memorable moment.