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Six flags viper in upper state of IL

I decided that I'm going to stick to editing and taking pictures instead of videos

I don't care about follows or anything just support to keep going

My favorite place to hang out with friends

Sadly my friends aren't able to go to spots like these so if you find a spot like this go up there and cherish it with or without friends it's still worth the memories

Happy #GokuDay! Check your quest log for a way to earn Goku stickers! 👀

Plus, tell us your favorite memory of Goku in the comments!

Florida Beaches hit different

Would Bulma be your ideal partner to search for the dragon balls?

#DragonBall #Bulma #Anime #Manga

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A nice bright sky to enjoy

And remember keep moving forward don't give up

My gf on her way back from the mall the clouds are so pretty in this tho it's like cotton candy

Hey! I made this Realistic Super Saiyan Sketch. What do you think?

My friend on her way to a beach down in Florida