Post about IRL!

Look at my big Sebby standing up to play at the table πŸ₯Ή


Are you looking for a new puzzle game to tease your brain this summer? Well then grab a friend, this Kanoodle game & have a blast!

If you're interested, please get it from the link on my TT video.



this cake was fun just cause of the contrast of pretty, lacy heart and the message


Digital artist for some T-SHIRT designing that I have in mind 🧠 but I lack any artistic talent to create myself.

Ability to create vector graphics (so I'm able to resize) open to styles, pixel, painted etc NO AI!

I may have just wasted an entire day by accidentally deleting all the footage I had recorded today 😭 currently trying windows file recovery to get it back 🀞🀞🀞

But my soul is currently crushed...