Cry about it, your friends are gone just give up and that knife won’t do shit.

Now, all I want you to do is give up, you aren’t worth fighting, the demon inside cannot kill me, I live as an immortal soul killing for my own entertainment just like on Christmas Eve in 2005



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Reimagined Funkin’ sprites

(I need a team & you can comment if you wanna join but u have to send me a friend request in order to be part of the team coders and music makers are needed)

Sorry if I haven’t been uploading daily.

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Drawing for the Interdimensional Beatdrop mod

I’m only available on twitter now, sorry to the new guys

I love y’all who made me laugh and smile or even made my life better and I hope you all have wonderful lives and a happy new year, I’ll see you on the other side…

Meet Mr. Bitch Hairy.

Reimagined Funkin’ MX design

October 26th and whiteboard wackiness

why bf ded

Ethan Tadd Poll

Orin ayo- my take

(Part 1)