City crashers the scratch edition

6 months ago

Ok guy i'm working on a sequel to city crashers the scratch version and is not going to be called the scratch version for is sequel

So here a sprite sheet Carly (mac's daughter) And now I have to put colors on her.

The sequel is going to better from the first



Next up

Happy birthday to @MikuTeto64 (aka my sister)

Ok I finished one of the aliens sprite sheet

Me when I was vs Laurence Blood in fatal fury real bout special on the Wii with GameCube controller that has a break joystick

Here it is fellas

Ok right now I am working on the aliens for city crashers 2

"Oh my god! It's Knuckles sticker!"

Me when I work on my project solo

Ok I finally finished Carly sprite sheet

"GARFIELD" (wth- how I did type it with my eyes closed-)

This is me when I listen to music when I am work on my projects.