Super Adventure Pals
8 years ago

Sequel Coming QUITE Soon!

The game has turned out way better then we had hope for. It’s smooth, its alive, its full of personality and everything in it is feeling great. And most importantly, it is not long to go now until the release!

Prepare to enter a world full of zombie cat pirates, hot dogs pooping mines, blob monsters spawning flying jelly fish unicorns, crab people and spooky moon ghosts.

Help the toast people in their revolution against their oppressive dinosaur overloads in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, crown the pirate king in Port O’Potty, seek out your mentor in the underwater world of Crablantis and build a rocket to the moon to rescue your Dad from Mr B’s Hot Dog factory!

Keen to see a sneak peek of Pirate Cove? Perhaps a little bit of the action? Sure thing buddy:


For those who like to know a little bit about development, you might like to know that each part of the game is slightly different. The levels are straight up platformer, while the towns control like a brawler game, and the world map is controls like a top-down game.

You can see that the brawler angle let Julian (king of the art) create some really fantastic looking locations. Here you can see the process of design from the pencil and paper concept drawing to in-game footage.


And having that zelda style top down view for the world map helped us create a feeling of freedom in the world and hopefully a sense of exploration and adventure as you roam between levels, towns and different game areas.


We’ve gone out of our way to make absolutely everything in the game feel ‘juicy’ and full of feedback. We posted this gif a few months ago. Its the zip line mechanic, but as you can see it rocks and bounces when not in use and then the rope buckles under your weight before springing back in to place when you jump off it.


Further to this, we’ve used a ‘skeletal’ animation system as well. This has meant super smooth transitions between animations. Instead of having fixed frames like many 2D games, the various body parts will tween smoothly between positions, like they would in a 3D game. We’ve used this to great effect on all our characters, bosses and many of the enemies as well.


Here is a great example of it used on the Breakfast Buccaneer, the Pirate Cove boss:


These animations were done by our good friend Jon, who is just ridiculously talented and did all the artwork for Super House of Dead Ninjas. When his animation and Julian’s artwork combines, something really awesome happens, and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

We’ll be keeping the updates, screenshots and vids flowing now as we head towards a release date.
Thanks for staying with us and I hope you are as excited about the game as we all are!

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Call it 'wrong turn'!🚫 The feeling of running into a house with only one exit🚪, and being doomed to die. #pixelart #pixelartist #pixelartwork #art #pixel #indiegame #IndieGameDev #indieartist


These are background sprites I've created for a game I'm working on at school ^w^ Click on the post to see how the sprites connect. You won't regret it! (personally, I think it's pretty heheh)

Drawn in Piskel using my mouse. Whaddya think?