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Set up Game Jolt’s Indie Carnival party with us in San Francisco!



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Lifeweaver is the brilliant creator of biolight, a tech that merges plant matter and hard light. He dreams of healing the world.

He's openly pan and was the first hero to be confirmed as queer when he was introduced instead of after the fact.

Happy #WIPWednesday, Jolters!

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You thought you got away with it, but Judge Jelly always knows. 👁️

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game mockup where u collect chickens (its windy)

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Have you played the Rose & Locket demo yet? It's always good to hear people's thoughts on the game so far

Floofty Fizzlebean is a non-binary biologist who appears in Bugsnax! Their specialty is studying the effect that eating Bugsnax has on Grumpuses. The game's story editor (Sage Coffey) confirmed that Foofty is enby in 2020.

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In Tube Shooter mode - you will engage in third-person view pursuits that will see you shooting down both small ships and impressive cruisers. One Way Road: Firehunt will be released on May 29th at 10am PDT Game on Steam: https://bit.ly/3yA57RD

Summer Game Fest was wild!

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