3 months ago

Sillier Metallic Strawberry Keyboards



Next up

Thank you @FlashTheCat for your input : )

A little redesign based on my bad vision, sorry !

Anyway read thy pin!!

Yoru, Yoru, Yoru..


Wechidna :o (and bf from Ilegal Instruccion :p)

Thank you @FizzedUp for your input : )

Drink the pin.

Must be pibby glitch ...

Wechidna moment...

Thank you @Amorfa for your input : )

Dark sides .. :evil:


Figured I'd post this for now. I'lll get to drawing those comments now^^

I've Kinda Left FNF for a while, so Here's my final Song!

Hot N, Ready

@TheCoolZer0_ thank you for your input : )

For all unaware, I will draw oc's. It is on pinned. You have atleast days before I disable them.