20 days ago

Silly 5.. I changed Achyls design a bit..



Next up

AB gijinkas I made ehrhehe

Your Copy

Redraw 2021-2024

I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, tho I did change a few things

The background in the old version is a crime, I should've been executed.

Silly 8. Brought back some oldies for this one..

recent commissions 1.  beatrice and conductor pebbles (for @SteelmaticDragon ) 2. kris dressed as 2d from gorillaz (for alberodg)

(Sample doodle) been using a different brush in the meantime.. it's peak...

Practice : )

Margin of the Strange! My Fanart and Submission for the Art Contest they're holding c:

Silly 9. Might redo Lavenders' maybe.

Ill try to make a compilation soon so im gonna have to restraib myself in posting these earlier than inteded LOL