1 year ago

Someone peed on my Bronzong in scarled and violet



Next up

I call it the Eevee Wild Form

Pokemon card pulls my friend achieved when he buys it again in a long time. man needs to go to a casino or buy a lottery ticket

This week's #FanArtFriday celebrates Pokémon...with guns!?

Complete the quest and you'll get a Pokémon sticker pack!

sssssssshhhhhh!!! there is something in here with me.....

Hisuian Goodra for #DragonDay !

I may be a bit biased towards snails ;3

Welcome to the page of Trapped on gamejolt!! Trapped is a 3D horror game where the protaganist hikes up the snow mountains and then falls trough the snow ending up in an old mine.

make sure to follow this project and visit the page for more info!

been working on some 2d pixel stuff in unity trying to setup the camres for the game navigation..... its hell itself



Working on a new game for brackeys Gamejam 2024!

Very early WIP