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Trubbish!! it is bby

I tried a thing, might do the Axew line next! If not the other first Gen starters lol

This was a practice painting, will try to redraw it one day


My reaction to finding a surprise shiny Goomy while I was hunting a different mon, he's a Goodra now and helped me defeat a certain evil husbando at the end of the game >:D

YouTube Link:…

Zoinks! Shiny Shinx Finally Sparkles! Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Reaction!
Shiny Shinx finally sparkled in Pokemon Legends Arceus! We didn't use the outbreak hunting method, we just ran around until we got electrocuted, the same way...

After three horrible runs, we finally got the starter selection we needed to get our fourth run up and going.

Live now with Pokémon black randomized Nuzlocke!

We ended up picking hydreigon!

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